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The Advocate Clinic provides church volunteers, Advocates, with detailed training on how to begin and maintain a strong Care Community ministry at their church.

Our Advocate training process is built upon these basics:

Envision | Establish | Equip | Empower

Envisioning, Establishing and Equipping a Care Community ministry to thrive within your local church is facilitated through the training presented at our Welcomed Church Advocate Clinic. Topics at the Advocate Clinic include: Roles Your Church Can Fulfill, Creating Awareness, Forming and Launching Care Communities, and Working with Public and Private Agencies.

Empowering your ministry happens through utilizing our online Advocate Portal as well as a variety of online trouble-shooting tutorials. Unlimited access to the Advocate Portal ensures Advocates will always have the most up-to-date materials and training available to grow their ministry. We also offer subsequent coaching in the months following the Clinic.


If you have questions about the Welcomed Advocate Clinic, please email us at or call 715-281-6697.

May 2, 2020 | Community Church, Oshkosh, WI REGISTER


  • “Good practical information, given comfortably and sincerely. The touch of humor was welcomed.”
  • Everything was so thorough! I feel like you have provided so many helpful resources for launching this ministry at my church.
  • It was very informative, and all individuals that participated in leading it were energetic and enthusiastic.
  • The interactive participative environment; its wonderful to learn from one another and those who have already begun the process. Everyone from Welcomed is so approachable and resourceful. Wonderful work!
  • “Questions and comments were encouraged throughout. It was a very comfortable setting.”
  • “The model is super. I love that almost anyone can be involved at a level they’re able to.”
  • Love the focus on relationships and how they are KEY to the success of our youth!
  • “Concrete steps and information to put this into action, and real life situations/examples shared by presenters.”
  • “Appreciated the first hand experience the trainers had.”
  • “It was done in a very helpful way. Addressing many topics in an honest and straight forward manner.”
  • “Very personable and efficient being done in one day.”
  • “It was well planned and well delivered. It provided so many excellent resources.”