Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The Need

Foster children have been torn from the most foundational of human relationships, that of a child to their parents. When this God-ordained relationship is fractured there are significant spiritual and emotional consequences. Well-meaning foster parents stand in the gap to give these children the love and support that all humans require, but they are often unequipped and unsupported in their difficult work. Most find that they are unable to continue fostering after their initial placement due to the behavioral issues these children exhibit as a result of the trauma they have experienced.

The Solution

We believe the Church is the answer. Placing Christian Care Communities around these families is a proven solution to keep them fostering longer. Care Communities provide support in the areas of childcare, child mentoring, meals, and prayer. This keeps families fostering longer, and encourages others to become foster parents as they see that the Church will support them. We exist to facilitate the establishment of Care Community ministries in individual churches and to connect these church ministries in a broad network that covers the state of Wisconsin.

A Proven Model

Welcomed is partnering with Live The Promise, a ministry that has developed a successful model for supporting foster families through Care Communities. Live The Promise started with 10 churches in the Atlanta area in 2013 and has grown to over 120 churches throughout Georgia and the surrounding states.  National statistics show that 50-70% of foster families stop fostering during or after their initial placement.  However, 92% of foster families surrounded with a Live The Promise Care Community continue to foster.