What Others Are Saying


We love you guys, we thank God for your visit to our church and for your partnership with Marathon County. It’s been a smooth ship. -Zach Burris, Pastor, The Mill Church, Stratford

We’ve had very positive feedback, the only negative we’ve heard is that we didn’t do this earlier…We’re very, very thankful for it, I think it’s meeting a significant need that’s been missed for a long time. -Greg Schmidt, Pastor, Wausau Alliance Church

I believe it is the role of the local church to support foster families and Welcomed makes that possible. There are local churches throughout the Midwest who would love to start programs and ministries to meet the needs of fostering families and foster children, but who are not able to for a lack of resources or guidance. Welcomed meets that need, and I’m excited to see them gain a larger platform to continue to do what they already do so well. -Dave Bondeson, Pastor, Woodlands Church, Plover

One of the great things is, it’s given people who say, ‘Well, I’m not in a place right now where I could bring a child into my home, but I’ve got something that I can offer to those who do’ – activating other people in foster care support who wouldn’t necessarily be taking a child into their home…I think it’s great. -Richard York, Pastor, Christian Life Church, Plymouth

Our congregation has experienced the blessing of loving kids and families they really had never even known before. Our foster/adoptive kids have felt love and enjoy being so obviously treasured by many in our congregation. Our foster/adoptive parents have felt the love and support of a church family. We have been blessed to have the “Welcomed” team as part of our church experience. I believe that everyone in our congregation is better because of “Welcomed” and their ministry among us. We strongly recommend their ministry to any local church. Al Spitler, Pastor, Waushara Community Church, Wautoma


People that may have been on their way out of foster care have been rejuvenated to stay involved…I just can’t say enough…Welcomed has made my job easier…I hope they never go away. -Whitney Golding, Waushara County Foster Care Coordinator

We’ve had a lot of positive success with recruiting other foster families because of you guys. -Sara Klebenow, Marathon County Foster Care Coordinator

Everything about Welcomed is beautiful, and I love it. -Angela Reynolds, Waupaca County Foster Care Coordinator

I love the idea of a more organic, informal support for families. It is the type of assistance and encouragement that will last because it is more natural and it is not dependent upon agency contracts, funding or budgets. -Nicole Ostrowski-Grasset, Community Engagement Supervisor, SaintA Milwaukee